Sunday, January 31, 2021

Could Tin-Pot Tony Evers BE This Stupid?

Every week we learn that Tin-Pot Tony Evers' IQ may be less than his shoe-size.

...The state’s largest business group, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, on Thursday said Gov. Tony Evers’ plan to force the Department of Revenue tax to PPP grants provided to the state is a $450 million surprise. 

“Congress never intended for these loans to be taxable. There is no evidence the state legislature did either,” WMC’s Cory Fish said. “Policymakers should not allow DOR to ‘sleep walk’ into a tax increase that no one ever intended to be enacted.”

The Department of Revenue quietly released a rules update this month that put nearly 90,000 businesses in the state, many of them small businesses, on notice that they will be taxed on any PPP loans they received....

Here's the question:  is it better to leave this dumbsock in office (where he's largely useless to anyone) and simply create a "Here's Your Democrat" ad which can be run for 100 years or so?

Or is it better to take him out--even though it might cost Cock Robin some campaign funds for his Little Empire?


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