Sunday, January 31, 2021

Protests Closed LA Vax Site? Hell, No.

The MSM released a patently false story about 'protesters' causing closure of the L.A. (Dodger Stadium) vaccination site.

Flat-out FALSE.

...It’s right at the 42:30 mark in the video that he gets to the gate, and discovers that it’s closed.  The protesters aren’t in front of it at all.  They’re not impeding the cars, and they aren’t placed in such a way that they’d even need to be moved out of the way of the gate.  They’re already out of the way, at the side of the road, with the closest ones at least 10 yards from the gate.  (Video taken earlier by Twitter users showed a few protesters walking closer to the gate when they first arrived, but later video from the same users indicated there were no protesters in front of the gates, in a position to block the traffic, after the first few minutes.)...


...The narrator wants to clarify: “So, you guys walked up and they closed the gate.”

The white T-shirted man replies, “Yeah … it was like they knew what to do, too.”

A second later, he adds, “We’re not stopping anyone from going in.”

And quite visibly, they’re not stopping anyone.  None of them is anywhere near the gate....

More truthful:  the cops were ordered to close the gates to Create The Narrative of 'nuts-bags' anti-vaxxers, yada, yada, Trump Trump Trump TERRORISTS.

The Narrative Press is being out-played by no-name videographers, and as we all know, the video tells the story, not Dan Rather.


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