Sunday, January 24, 2021

Red China's Nazi Playbook

C'mon, maaaaaaaaaan!!  We all know that Commies aren't Nazis!!  C'mooooon!

Actually, 'socialists' are pre-truncheon 'communists'.  None of the Zeidlers or Hoan used truncheons, see!!

So Tonelson reads stuff on economics and trade.

...Yet here comes Atkinson in the Fall issue of The International Economy (a publication that’s as – proudly – establishment oriented as they come) with a piece titled “A Remarkable Resemblance” likening China’s international economic policies to those of “Germany for the first forty-five years of the twentieth century” – which of course include the twelve Nazi years (1933-1945).

 As the author argues, Germany during these decades was:

a ‘power trader’ that used trade as a key tool to gain commercial and military advantage over its adversaries. Likewise, China’s trade policy is guided neither by free trade nor protectionism, but by power trade, with remarkably similar strategy and tactics to those of 1940s Germany. Understanding how Germany manipulated the global trading system to degrade its adversaries’ capabilities, entrap nations as reluctant allies, and build up its own industries for commercial and military advantage, just as China is doing, can shed light and point the way for solutions to the China challenge.”...

Because, SURPRISE!!! the ChiComs are doing exactly what the Germans--including the Nazis--did.

Imagine that!

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