Sunday, January 31, 2021

Who Let the Dogs In (To the Capitol)??

The Radical Left needed a narrative moment to set up normal Americans as domestic terrorists.  That way they could cut off communications (Parler, e.g.) and begin raiding and apprehending 'terrorists' like cartoon-meme makers.  And those raids and imprisonments are sending a message!!  BONUS!

More narrative needed?  No problem!!  Set up razor-wire barricades around the Capitol--which does NOT belong to Schumer and Pelosi, by the way--and post 5,000 infantry with ROE looser than those in Afghanistan.  After all, those Boomer Terrorists could return with sharpened knitting needles or walking-stick swords at any time!

Of course it's fantasy.  But the Press--a collection of dummies who could only get a degree in 'comms' (or 'education')--will be happy to help.

So how did that happen?


Long before the Epiphany Rally, the FBI knew there were active plots to disrupt and "take over" the Capitol building.  Naturally, those reports were made available to Pelosi and Schumer--who are in charge of the Capitol Police.

No matter which side cooked up and executed those plans, Nancy and Chuckles saw the opportunity they needed.  So they ordered the Cap Cops to partially stand down and ALLOW the demonstrators to enter the Capitol, as any fool can see on the videos all over the 'net.

Now they had their "TERRORISTS TERRORISTS  RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORISTS"--no matter the truth, because in war, the first casualty is Truth.  Conveniently for Nancy and Chuck, there were fatalities, too.  All the better for their little Drama Queen Narrative.

The Chief of Cap Cops resigned--with pension--and hasn't been heard from again.  Huh.

This was a planned Narrative Moment, and the planners were the Radical Left running Congress.

Don't forget it.

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