Thursday, January 21, 2021

Trump's Insight

 Mark Wauck found a compelling insight we'll share.  Marini is a professor known for his critique of the Administrative State (the one we live in).  The transcript can be found here.

In the rest of the blog-entry, Wauck highlights the destruction of the US' system wrought by Wilson and Roosevelt.  It may not be a shock, but those two Ultra-Progressives simply shit-canned the concept of 'natural law' as a foundation of governance.

It's entirely possible that it's too damn late to repair.  Don't tell your grandchildren; they may never speak to you again.


Saint Revolution said...

Typical parasite professor. OVERpaid for stating the obvious everyone already knows ... and, like usual, completely late to the game.

And I'm REALLY sick of reading over and over how Trump finally exposed the deep state and WashDC insider corruption. Gimme a f/v/k/n break. Where the hell have people been the last ~100 years.?!

Trump did nuthin' ... nuthin' that wasn't already known to need doin'.

There was absolutely no epiphany the last four years ... just a lot of disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I have no regrets for voting for Trump, and for the delays/interruptions of some of the insanity pushed by the elite.

Dad29 said...

Good old St R is a bit un-hinged.