Friday, January 29, 2021

Chuck Grassley, Doddering Fool

Grassley, who loves shoving corncobs into your ass car's gas tank us a certified UniParty member.

He's also really old and doddering so stuff like "Second Amendment" has fallen out of his brain.

...Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), the committee's top Republican, said he hopes Durbin will pursue similar gun initiatives to the past Congress instead of attempting to push through sweeping liberal changes.

"Unduly abridging or regulating those rights, especially if it's through a strictly partisan process, is wrong," Grassley told the Washington Free Beacon. "I hope, if Senator Durbin chooses to focus on this issue, it will be with a bipartisan, consensus-building approach."  --quoted at AOSHQ

Let us disarm American Citizens in a bi-partisan manner, eh?

Inciting insurrection and riot, Chuckie??

The Grassley attitude of "if I'm going to get gang-raped by AIDS-infected chimpanzees, at least they better take me to dinner first" is fully on display.

WrongGrassley wants Americans to get ass-raped by AIDS-infected chimpanzees--so long as HE gets a nice dinner.  

Screw YOU, flyover morons.


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