Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Party's Just Beginning

This will be a lot of fun.

Donald Trump has reportedly discussed forming a new political party called the Patriot Party after telling supporters the 'movement we started is just beginning' in his farewell address to the nation. 

The outgoing president is said to have spoken with aides about the idea...

Some Republicans are "concerned" about the development.  Maybe their gravy-train is coming to an end....


Saint Revolution said...

2:08 AM 01/21/2021

Whole f/v/k/k/i/n Trump thing never made any sense from the beginning.

In the end, Trump was simply controlled opposition, a DemonRat one world plant. Any jackass that looks at facts, sees Trumps's history, sees Trump's record of not following through on ALL promises or anything for that matter, and Trump giving up so easy on most everything, and doesn't see all this CON job, is beyond hope of intelligence.

Can't tell you how many people that couldn't stand Trump before Trump was elected suddenly, after Trump was elected, he's America's answer to salvation from liberals. C'mon. How blind do you have to be to be a sucker?! Trump knew one was born every minute.

Trump was just the best of the worst available at the moment ... better than HildeBeast or OTrauma at the time.

This pretty much sums it all up:
" ... the circus has packed up and left town. But, before Trump left, Trump pardoned Kwame KilPatrick. THAT SAYS IT ALL. KilPatrick was the SUPER-ÜBER-corrupt DEMONRAT black mayor of Detroit. Sure it was the Dennis Rodman connection. All makes sense now. Trump's always been an DemonRat plant. That's why Trump never deported illegals, cracked down on sanctuary cities, or stopped H1B visas. Trump's DemonRat hate has just been Kabuki Theatre to keep "deplorables" off base while Trump continued selling out America. Trump's "base" didn't want to believe it. Only now, at the end, do conned conservatives see it has truly been one huge con job. That's the only explanation for Trump allowing the nation to fall to the fascists. You can hold out hope if you're irredeemably stupid, but the Kwame pardon killed all and is all-telling. Trump is dead to the truly enlightened now. There is nothing Trump has to offer Patriots who must now save this nation themselves. Trump was nothing more than an Hillary alternative ... one dentist is the next when you're getting teeth pulled ... it's gonna hurt no matter who.

The Capitol s/h/y/t show was nothing more than Trump conning, setting up, framing, ambushing, and delivering up conservatives for doxxing and gaslighting and was part of Trump's "mission" when planted. Get rid of the conservatives once and for all. If you study Communist manifest goals from ~1965 you'll find eliminating all but one American party was one of the goals intended to be completed without ever firing a shot.

F/u/k, there are late model photos of Trump yucking it up with The Clintons. I mean, c'mon.

MOST bothersome was that Trump was a HUGE LEO Pres. Completely backed LEO, corrupt and criminal or not, INCLUDING s/h/y/t like completely backing/supporting civil asset forfeiture, etc.

TRUMP NEVER MADE ANY SENSE AT ALL AS A PRESIDENT FOR AMERICA, from the time Trump was campaigning for Pres on. No one could figure Trump out. The only way one was going to know Trump's true colours was for Trump to win and then see what Trump did with that win. By Trump's actions will you know Trump. Trump sold out his base and delivered his supporters up for slaughter at The Capitol. All conservatives are demonized now.

Q was a DemonRat psyop and Trump's whole four years was one big confidence game job.

What a complete and lost joke AmeriKKKa-stan is.

Trump had every legal and political tool and means necessary at his disposal he needed to STOP THE STEAL and this s/h/y/t show FROM THE BEGINNING and hang the treasonous traitors. Trump did nothing but bloviate, promise, and tweet.

Nothing but a self-absorbed narcississtic bucket-lister fulfillling his wish to be US Pres once before he dies. Like Trump's entire hedonistic agnostic life has been, it was always ALL about Trump ... and his puppet-masters.

Jackass liar con man of the highest order.

We're on our own ... always were. The calvalry t'ain't coming ... never was.

This t'ain't over. Not by a long shot.


Saint Revolution said...

Try to remember, the kind of September,
When life was slow, and, oh, so mellow,
Try to remember, the kind of September,
When grass was green, and grain was yellow,
Try to remember, the kind of September,
When you were a tender and callow fellow,
Try to remember, and, if you remember, then follow ... follow.

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Deep in December, our hearts should remember, and follow ... follow.