Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden*'s Goal: Kill Main Street Through CoVid

Corporatism is a sine qua non of Fascism and corporatism merely limps along until Main Street businesses are eliminated.  At that point, the oligopolies can do what they want.  Lay waste to the entire interior of the country?  Yup.  Move the wealth into the New York banks?  Yup.  


That's why CoVid is so valuable.  It's a serious flu and like the flu can be fatal.  But it's been pumped up to Raging Critical Death-Mode over the last 12 months, and therein lies the opportunity.

...What they are planning to do is weaponize COVID-19 to attain ideological objectives. This is why they hyped the fear within it for almost a year. Nothing within their plan requires the approval or consent of any representative body in Washington DC. COVID is the tool to “fundamentally change” the way the United States exists.

On October 23rd, those behind the Biden campaign dropped all pretense, openly having their candidate state publicly his intention to control the lives of all Americans using the authority of a weaponized federal government to advance national COVID-19 regulations....

Wearing a mask while driving is laughably trivial--so you won't pay attention to all the rest:

 ...Think about the Dept of Agriculture (SNAP/food stamps), the Dept. of Labor, the Dept of Education, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Dept of Labor, Dept of Energy and how they would join with the DoT to create the aggregate raging river of regulation.

Think about the federal government using mandates for enforced national COVID-19 compliance rules. Think about USDA (Dept of Agriculture) and OSHA federal inspections for social distancing (etc) in all businesses, not just restaurants....

And once your employer (or your business) is crippled with these regs, there are plenty of overseas-based firms which will be happy to take over that market segment.  

What?  You lost your job, your home, your retirement?

And you think the Democrat Party gives a flying damn?

C'mon, man.  Be serious.  They've already told the pipeline workers to Learn to Code.

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