Sunday, January 24, 2021

Trump's Next Crusade.........

It will be enjoyable to watch Blaska/Wiggy/Sykes' hair/pieces go en fuego when Trump arrives here.

...Trump wants to focus on voter integrity but that work will never take place in Washington, D.C. because Democrats don't believe there is a threat to America's elections. Instead, Trump is likely to work with individual states and state legislatures to create reforms. 

"As we saw, an important thing to keep in mind, so much of our debate between the election and up until a couple weeks ago was over these Article 2 abuses and the Constitution, where only the state legislatures can actually go and set" the rules for mail-in voting, Miller explained....

Cock Robin Vos will be hiding under his desk.  He hates taking responsibility; that was Walker's job.

As to Sensenbrenner, who expressed extreme distaste for Trump:

...President Trump also looks at Capitol Hill and realizes Democrats are in charge of both the House and the Senate and, quite frankly though, even if we had Republicans controlling much of this, they might go to block some of these things. We see how the D.C. insiders are just slow to move," he explained. "I mean, how many years did Republicans sit there and do nothing about Section 230 abuses? How many years did Republicans sit there on Capitol Hill, even though we had both the House and the Senate, and never did anything about the spying and cheating that we saw from President Obama and his administration, everything he did in the transition in 2016 when Joe Biden was screaming, 'Logan Act' and all the abuses we saw Susan Rice and all the other things. Republicans never got to the bottom of that."...

Yah, that pretty much describes the last few years of Sensenbrenner's "activity" in the Capitol.   Sorry to hear about your hip, Jim.  Did that prevent you from using the F'N PHONE???

Reality:  Ol' Jimbo--just like the rest of them--had no use for 'civilian' outsiders in his pretty-party-Capitol.  Didn't really give much of a flying damn about the effects of NAFTA or MFN/China on the manufacturing base in Wisconsin either.  (How do I know?  I talked with him about it, along with several others, in a private meet-up.  He stifled the yawn.)

Too busy pulling out his pocket Constitution and barking at constituents.

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