Tuesday, January 19, 2021

History of WI Vote Fraud

No matter the lying from "news" reporters, especially ones that should know better, one local guy has been keeping track of Democrat vote-fraud methods in Wisconsin for years.

1.  Fraud in Wisconsin.  
I  have been on  every committee, that studied fraud in Wis. voting, for last 60 years, and have been convinced, since 1968, that it is true.
Read history of Tammany Hall and also Henry Maiers’ close friendship with Dick Daley, and you know it happens.
Lena Taylor, as reported, in the Journal had, 29 people registered at one of her properties.
We know how it happens and have written many articles, reports and gave them to McCann, the Journal, the GOP,  the Fed attorney and get laughed at.
2020 Election:  There were thousands of affidavits, about this theft, but never got chance to present them.
I know that if David Clarke, at request of Bob Spindell, had not guarded the Prosser ballots they would have gone by by.
How do they do It.
1. Group homes, people are paid to work there.
2.  People come in from illinois to help organize, and other places, and vote.  Ask Van Wangaard.
Voting in many inner city places of people that have moved, died, changed names is common etc.
We away felt it was about 5-10,000.

When Graber was complaining  about losing in 2000, by 5000 votes, I told him to prove it, but he laughed.  I told him how:
 I designed a very simple plan, took it to George Stanley and many others, and they all laughed. Stanley: No staff to do the. GOP; no money to do that.
 This year we lost cause of an idiot placed by Vos on WEC and some rulings by WEC.
 Failure of the GOP to mount Ground Game and Ballot Harvest
Anyone  that has any sense of history,  knows that the fraud in Big cities has always been there.  There were tens of thousands of  affidavits, this year, also known as eye witnesses to that.
Tammany Hall, read history and you will find that.  
Dick Daley and his cronies have always made sure that every person in their wards was voted, by who, they did not care.  So fraud is here.  
Election Commission  Corruption cost Mark Green decent chance at winning when they blocked the use of his money; illegally.
Trumps popularity is not down to 29%, even the Village idiot does not believe that one; Rasmussen 49%.
Except for the Never Trumpers in Wisconsin  led here  by Kleefisch, the Walker Clan, Wigderson, Torinus, and other that say: “We told you so” will not be  back in power.
The MAGA movement  is not going away as the Conservative women, the Blue Collar Conservatives, trump backers, MAGA movement,  and many more are carrying the torch:  People are going to come out, that understand Blue collar families, abandoned by the Urban Progressives, led by Tlaib, Omar, Warren and AOC..
 All others, Wisconsin families,  Trump /MAGA people  behind that movement.
Other people, led by Pompeo and others,  are going to step in and help 
Rick Esenberg wants to dump everything to get the suburban Soccer moms back, but we want the “Blue Collar Conservatives’" . Whomever wins that group, 67% of Wisconsin, will win the govnership.
The movement is not going away, 'cause the Urban Progressives hate the Blue Collar people.
Trump lost 'cause of his personality and lack of empathy for the Corona victims, and failing to back Face masks.
We know that behind the scenes many of the Mad City Never Trumpers were stabbing us in the back
As for the Capitol riot, all the stuff is not in.
NBC announced that someone gave the rioters  $500,000 in Bitcoin to wreck the Capitol.
Since The riot started 20 minutes before Trump spoke, we can assume that it was those that came dressed in riot gear, and others ,that made this their thing and knew it would hurt Trump..

Trump has run hundreds of rallies, all non violent.
The violence, at Capitol,  here has been bought by radicals, paid for in Bitcoin according to NBC news.

And it is nothing like the 4 year Russiagate mess that the idiots in the press ate up fro 4 years, and were fairly proved to be nuts.  The media ignored, the crooked Biden/Clinton mess.  They get away wth murder with their Foundations. Politics ain’t Tiddly  winks.

As for Liz Cheney, she and the whole Bush War party have been garbage for long time.  My three kids had fight their wars.
Trump got us out of the endless war and was making peace in the Mideast.
Bush/Cheney lied to us about iraq.  

Wolfowitz, Bush wanted us to grab Iraq, get even for Hussein’s attempt on HW Bushs’ life, but more important they felt that if they could control Iraq thy could control the Middle east, something no one have been able to do in history.
But my kids had to fight that war that initially we felt important, but history will show it to be gin disaster of USA It Ranks with Nam it was one of our biggest errors.
George Bush will be remembered as a big mistake.  He bought on the Bush/Obama wars.
No question that the NeverTrump bunch is making happy-dance noises.  This is called "whistling through the cemetery."  The corpse of the (R) Party in Wisconsin is twitching, but probably cannot be revived..


Anonymous said...

There was only vote fraud in your mind. Why are you willfully repeating lies? God judges thee...

American Thinker apologized for false Dominion Voting articles.


“These statements are completely false and have no basis in fact. Industry experts and public officials alike have confirmed that Dominion conducted itself appropriately and that there is simply no evidence to support these claims,” reads the rest of the statement. “It was wrong for us to publish these false statements. We apologize to Dominion for all of the harm this caused them and their employees. We also apologize to our readers for abandoning journalistic principles and misrepresenting Dominion’s track record and its limited role in tabulating votes for the November 2020 election. We regret this grave error.”

Even Sydney Powell dropped her suit in Georgia because she had to submit evidence. I thought she even had bombshell revelations about the U.S. Army seizing servers in Germany that switched voters from Trump to Biden.


Trump lost. But at least Epstein didn't kill himself.

Dad29 said...

You're preachy for a professional liar.

Never claimed Dominion machines were a problem in Wisconsin; only old-fashioned Democrat boiler-room vote Xeroxing and illegal harvesting.

Trump won. Biden's entire voter base is in DC today at the Mall. Count 'em!

Anonymous said...

The two account I provided are 100% factual. The professional liars are American Thinker and Sydney Powell.

Never said you claimed Dominion machines were a problem in Wisconsin. Straw man, much?

No, there wasn't old-fashioned Democrat cheating in Wisconsin.

Trump lost.