Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tammy Baldwin and the Attack on Jos. Mensah

Revealing tidbit from the police report on the attack on Jos. Mensah and his girlfriend.  Note how much the local "news" didn't tell you.  Didn't fit their narrative and you can't handle the truth. right?

In newly released Wauwatosa police reports, then Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah and his Milwaukee police officer girlfriend, Patricia Swayka, described the extremely violent People’s Revolution mob attack in which Mensah was called a racial slur, both officers were repeatedly punched by multiple attackers, Swayka was scratched, a bullhorn was cracked over Mensah’s head, and they thought they would be killed when a bullet careened a few inches away....

Yah, we knew most of that.

...People’s Revolution members had more than one firearm at the scene and describe multiple attackers who physically beat the officers. Swayka told police that “a black male subject wearing black shorts removed a handgun from the front of his waistband and began waving it around.” The subject with the handgun was yelling that he should or would kill Mensah, she told police....

Didn't know that.  Local "nooz" didn't find that worthy of reporting. 

...An elected state representative, David Bowen, and the Milwaukee office director for U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, Tiffany Henry, were at the scene as the assaults unfolded, the police reports allege (Bowen, Baldwin, and Henry did not return requests for comment.)...

We know about Bowen.  Cock-Robin Vos is afraid of him, so there will be no Assembly discipline for Bowen's activity here--which by the way, was criminal.

But Tammy Baldwin's Office Director?  Didn't know that, either.  Another detail the Milwaukee "news" chose to bury.

What did Tammy know, and when did she know it?  That dame ran on 'everybody loves Tammy'--but the more we learn about her staff, the more despicable "li'l Tammy" becomes.

...Police reports describe the chaos. Vehicles were “driving at a high rate of speed through the neighborhood and all over the roads.” The “’protesters’ were yelling and screaming from the vehicles and beeping their horns continuously causing a loud disturbance.” They cursed things like “Fck 12” and “Fck the police.” A neighbor said he heard a gunshot and the group chanting phrases such as “murderer” and “fck ‘em, fck ‘em all.”

According to the police interview with Swayka, she told police a black male, holding a megaphone, struck Mensah in the head with the megaphone so hard that it broke the megaphone, the police reports say, although they contain conflicting information from People’s Revolution members about which person was wielding that megaphone....

Still think "People's Revolution" is just a wayward bunch of kids with acne who found a cause?


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