Saturday, January 30, 2021

No-Warrant Gun Siezures Legal??

The March of the Totalitarian State continues.

The Rutherford Institute has issued a warning over police attempting to carry out warrantless home invasions in order to seize lawfully-owned guns under the pretext of their so-called “community caretaking” duties....

The local cops conducted a warrant-less search of a man's home and they seized his guns.  He had had a 'vigorous discussion' with his wife, produced an (unloaded) gun, and asked her 'Why don't you just shoot me?"

She called the cops, told them he was suicidal.  They went to the house, had a very nice and rational conversation, and dragged the guy to the local nut-hatch for "examination."  Then they went back to the house and grabbed the guns.  No warrant.

Cops claim "community caretaking" exception to 4th Amendment.

Many will disagree.  Will SCOTUS?

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