Sunday, January 31, 2021

Notice the CoVid Stats Drop?

Briggs, the stats guy, noticed it too.

...Positivity (the graph above) is dropping rapidly. That implies at least two things are happening:

1) Lower Cts, fewer false positives. The WHO’s admonition, and the politics of the coronadoom, necessitate a lowering of “cases”—and with lower “cases” comes lower attributed deaths. We’ll see that below.

We already saw some localities lowered their Ct; it’s likely others have and will continue to do so.

2) Coming of spring.. Below, and for many, many, many weeks I have been shouting that deaths would peak around the first week or two of January—as they always do—and then begin to subside as it gets warmer. Not so warm in the Northeast now, but it is warmer in the south.

Authorities will take credit for this drop (weather and finally sensible Ct levels). It will be nauseating to endure their boasts, but at this point, we will all be glad for this nonsense to end as soon as possible....

 "Boasts" are actually LIES.

They're politicians.  It's what they do.

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