Saturday, January 30, 2021

Stark, Raving, Fear and WAR!

As usual, AOSHQ finds think-stuff which rings bells.


Vigorous civilizations pursue meaningful risks. Decadent civilizations pursue meaningless ones. For a vigorous civilization, adventure ends with an accomplishment. For a decadent civilization, risk is the accomplishment.

The decadent civilization obsessively manages risk. Its layers of government are mainly dedicated to that task. Accomplishment in a decadent civilization becomes a difficult task because of the many lawyers of corporate and government risk management standing in the way of getting anything done.

Fear is the true currency of the decadent civilization. A corrupted fear that is used to expand a vast bureaucracy that claims to manage risk, but in reality manages who is allowed to circumvent it. . .AOSHQ quoting D Greenfield

Since the Totalitarians created 'managing risk', the Totalitarians know exactly how to use it for their own benefit.  

A while back, I sent my State Leggie a memorandum which could be summed up in Breitbart's immortal phrase:  "F**K YOU.  WAR!!"  Even though he's a member of the large-majority Party in the Legislature, he doesn't understand that one does not fight a war by dancing around in pink tu-tus and making nice-nice.

IOW, make the Democrats assume the risk.  Play offense, hard.  Don't look back.

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