Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pubbies Nap, Democrats Steal More Votes

Oh, yes.  The Republican Party--which is sending out fund-raising begs like crazy--is ignoring ANOTHER flat-out illegal move by the Wisconsin Election Commission Committee to Elect Democrats.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission’s decision to continue to suspend Special Voting Deputies for the February primaries is a clear violation of state law, the chairwoman of the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee tells Empower Wisconsin. 

In a 5-1 ruling this week (including two of the three Republican members of the six-member commission), WEC maintained its extralegal guidance that municipal clerks should mail absentee ballots to nursing homes. They also are not supposed to send out the voting deputies to assist residents vote. ...

Court filings on the action?  ZERO.  Threatening letters?  ZERO.

But there will be "legislation."

Oh, goodie.

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