Friday, January 29, 2021

Pocan, Certified Nutbag

You already knew that Mark Pocan fell off the Left edge of society decades ago.

He proves it every week or so.  Here's his latest:

...These [stimulus] payments boosted the economy by increasing spending at all income levels, and the most among low-income people, who spent this infusion of disposable income primarily on food, rents, and utilities. This cash assistance was used very quickly, with lower income individuals spending more than forty percent of their payments within the first ten days. As aid ran out, up to eight million people, disproportionately Black and Latino adults and children, were forced into poverty. 

The stunning financial crisis for those at the bottom of the income ladder demands massive relief to those who need it most. Recurring direct payments until the economy recovers will help ensure that people can meet their basic needs, provide racially equitable solutions, and shorten the length of the recession...

He--along with AOC--wants monthly payments to everyone 'in poverty', whether citizens or illegals, age 17 and up, of at least $300.00/month "until the economy recovers."

Yet Madistan sends him to Congress.  Blaska gets what Blaska deserves.

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