Thursday, January 28, 2021

Tucker vs. Hannity: Tucker's Right

Last night Carlson revealed the dirty, dirty truth:  'rank-and-file' FBI agents are perfectly willing to follow illegal or un-Constitutional (or BOTH).

See, e.g., the raid on Roger Stone's house.  See, e.g., the arrest of some meme-comic complete with 5-10 FEEBs, heavy armaments, yada.

We can go on, and over the next several months, there will be plenty more examples of FEEB 'rank-and-file' coming after "terrorists"--people who are white, Christian, Trump-voters, and vocal about it.

They will keep their $80-$150K/year jobs, benefits, pension promise, and throw you into the trash at the drop of a hat.  It's what they do.

So Sean:  jam your bullshit butt-kissing up your ass.

Tucker's right.


susan said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, the FBI got it right to raid Stone's house. Tucker's wrong.

Dad29 said...

OK, tell me why you need 24 FEEBS, auto weapons, gas, armored cars, and CNN to take down a 70-y.o. fart with a semi-crippled wife at 0-dark-30.

Go ahead. Explain that. We'll wait.