Friday, January 29, 2021

Losing Game: Buying Into (D) Goo-Goo Crap

"Goo-goo" is the term for "good government"--which is Democrat-speak for Rule by Democrats.

Got that?

So when Democrats in their League of Women Communists Voters tell you that EVERYBODY MUST VOTE OR THE ELECTIONS ARE INVALID, you should be suspicious as Hell.

Not Wisconsin Republicans, who wear the "Stupid Party" label with pride!!

So in order to facilitate Democrat rule, Wisconsin Republicans allow Democrat operatives to take over the "Elections commission," then lay down and allow you to get ass-raped with 240,000 mail-in ballots.  Signature-audits?  Nope.  Do they actually live in Wisconsin?  Who knows?  Are they eligible to vote at all?  Who cares??


They are fools.  More votes is not "better" votes.  More votes--in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona (and probably Nevada) are FRAUD votes.

But "goo-goo" is your name-oo.

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