Sunday, January 24, 2021

Does Biden* Know What He Just Did?

Ticker hated Trump, so he got Biden instead.  However, Ticker doesn't like Biden* either.......

...Unfortunately Biden signed an E/O on 1/21 that directs OSHA to strictly enforce all regulations relating to Covid-19.  This, if OSHA actually does it, completely destroys nearly all manufacturing and employment in the United States for the duration of Covid-19.  I happen to be well aware of OSHA rules when it comes to respiratory protection and the regulations are clear and unambiguous.  Only an NIOSH-approved respirator tested and approved (which means no Chinese or other supply without said approval) for the specific hazard in question (a virus in this case), properly fit tested and used strictly within the parameters of the label, is legal under OSHA regulations to protect a worker present in an atmosphere where that specific hazard is present in concentrations sufficient to cause possible harm.  No worker may be allowed to enter a place with such an atmosphere without said protection.  This means at minimum NIOSH-certified N95s with proper fit testing and verification, including record-keeping, worn only within the labeled exposure limits (typically no more than 2 or 4 hours) after which they must be replaced and no re-use after being removed is permitted.  What's worse is that it is conceivable that under the regulations you would be required to segregate any contaminated items and prove proper disposal since once worn they are hazardous biological waste.  Documentation of compliance down to serialized items consumed from the point of issue to proper disposal may be required for inspection on demand.  .
It's not likely that Biden* has any idea what he's signing; his puppet-masters simply point and he signs.  This reg is............ahhh............dramatic.  And made-to-order for Red China.

It's another gift to you from Blaska, Sykes, and Wiggy.  Live it!!  Love it!!

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Mar said...

I listened to a top advisor to Senile Joe and he was thrilled with this and promised large fines to any business that breaks the rules.