Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A Few Gunshots

Random thoughts....

What the Regime needs, sooner or later, are a few gunshots which can be attributed to Whites.  Doesn't really matter who--if anyone--gets killed.  They have to set the dogs loose.

The memories of the Epiphany Disturbances are fading.  The Regime will need some White criminals to be rounded up.  Don't be surprised if they were nowhere near DC on the day in question.  Facts don't matter.

Anyone hear anything---ANYTHING--about the murderer of Ashli Babbit?  Hello??

What about the social media of the 22-y-o girl who supposedly stole Pelosi's laptop?  Usually the "press" has published every single thought that perps have ever had within 24 hours.  Here?  Radio silence.  Curious, no?


Saint Revolution said...

5:12 AM 01/21/2021


Babbitt was false flag, con job, Kabuki Theatre, incl carrying her out on barricade fence sections AND declaring "death" at "hospital" ... nothing about body, obituary, funeral, nor killer cop since ... all disappeared ... Babbitt never killed ... not sure Babbitt ever existed.

Very interesting COMMENT here:
" ... Louise says:
January 14, 2021 at 5:42 am
Hi Redpilled, I don’t have all the answers, but I do have questions. Are you familiar with a party named Ashli Babbitt (aka: Ashil Lari Tatro)? She is in her mid thirties and receives mail at: 56 Green Sage Road (P.O.Box 243), Boulder, WY 82923. She works as a talented Crisis Actor ... ".

Study history, facts, witnesses, videos. Psyop false flag to blame-and-frame TRUMP protestors, conservatives, conservative movement.

Vicious N!663r Utah BLM leader that was arrested under federal warrants in Utah and subsequently released in Utah now been released WITHOUT BAIL (no TRUMPers released without bail) by the FBI F/v/k/i/n B/a/$/t/u/r/d I/m/b/e/c/i/l/e/s after arrest as one of Capitol stormers and was main "filmographer" of Babbitt shooting (WHAT WAS HE CONVENIENTLY DOING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! HE WAS LET IN AND ESCORTED INTO PLACE BY CAPITOL COPS UNDER DIRECT ORDERS FROM PELOSI AND PELOSI'S SON-IN-LAW ... ) ... he also goaded Babbitt on and helped lift her to broken window. Whole f/v/k/i/n thing stenches like dead skunk, stinking to high Heaven.

Deep state, FBI, and DemonRats TERRIBLE at putting on false flag acting shows, the translucency of their corruption/criminality/falseness of the acting/staging always immediately obviously apparent.
Never seems to matter 'cuz they always seem to, at present anyways, get away with it. What they never realize is that the hammer of righteousness is coming ... Piper will be paid.

Babbitt's blood obviously fake from mouth capsules, vials ... Karo white corn syrup mixed with red food colouring, same as HollyOneWorldWeirdOrder uses.
Capitol pig AND GUN who "shot" Babbitt have disappeared.
So has story in news.
No word on Babbitt funeral and, if funeral happens, sure it will be closed casket fraud 'cuz no Babbitt body.
Babbitt spent part of her time in USAF working as operative for CIA.
Point blank range with 9mm Glock and very little blood beyond localized on Babbitt neck and clothes. No blood spatters on walls, floor, other stuff, doors, stairwells, nor people, etc. Impossible.
One of the several supposed "TRUMP protestors" lifting Babbitt to window slinked away right after Babbit shot, slinked halfway down stairwell, stopped, and changed clothes, changing out of TRUMP stuff and into BLM stuff, all out of a backpack. This was all caught on video.
Babbitt, after shot, fell conveniently AND softly back onto a padded backpack on her back. Her head would have hit a marble bannister but another anonymous "TRUMP protestor" was conveniently standing right in front of the marble bannister at the same time that Babbitt was shot and gently fell back onto her padded backpack and the floor.

Saint Revolution said...

5:12 AM 01/21/2021


All of this s/h/y/t WAAAAAYYY TOOOOOO convenient.

It was all a psyop false flag frameup setup ambush to blame on TRUMPers to move along demise/demonization of conservative movement in AmeriKKKa-stan.

Study facts. Study multiple videos ... but better hurry, as videos are conveniently disappearing off 'net under censorship. How convenient. How are videos of Babbitt shoot a threat to anyone about anything anywhere?!?!


Common knowledge now Pelosi laptop was snatched in melee by black ops types under cover as TRUMPERS, some believe black op'ers were working for Trump, others do not know which side grabbed the laptop, just like election servers in CIA building in Germany wherein several private security cops killed several American troops who were storming German CIA rented building and grabbing election servers.

Also reported up to ~23 laptops were grabbed at Capitol, not just Pelosi's.

Like the German-grabbed servers, Weiners laptop, Hunter Xiden's laptop, etc, WHERE ARE ALL THESE COMPUTERS?!?!

Where are German elections servers?
Pelosi laptop?
Weiner laptop?
Hunter Xiden laptop?
Other laptops grabbed at Capitol?
Cop and gun that shot Babbitt?
Babbitt body and funeral?

All disappeared out of news and FBI ignores all requests RE them including illegally unConstitutionally ignoring FOIA requests.


Saint Revolution said...

11:44 PM 01/21/2021

RELEASE HIS NAME!!! — We The People DEMAND TO KNOW the Name of the Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt in Accordance With the Police Reform Laws Passed Over the Summer in DC REDPILLED JANUARY 10, 2021 1 COMMENT


REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR MONTHS! (Exclusive Evidence) REDPILLED JANUARY 12, 2021 20 COMMENTS

THE BEST OF THE BEST: Diversity Hire Cop David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was Hired With a Sole Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education — HE RAKES IN OVER $120K A YEAR! REDPILLED JANUARY 12, 2021 2 COMMENTS

REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Killer US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey DELETES ALL OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA Hours After Our Bombshell Report! REDPILLED JANUARY 13, 2021 3 COMMENTS

Saint Revolution said...

11:52 PM 01/21/2021

Very interesting COMMENTs here:

" ... d3athf1sh says:
January 12, 2021 at 4:36 pm
na pretty sure it was Michael C. Stenger he is seargant at arms and he also resigned the next day. google him and look at his pic on wikipedia. thats who did it.

Elena says:
January 21, 2021 at 8:17 pm
Michael C. Stenger has much less “color” to his skin than David Baily. ... ".