Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Z-Man Joins Tucker Carlson & Normies

The Z-Man articulates what Carlson mentioned a couple of months ago.

...None of this is an argument against self-government or commerce. It’s that free markets and self-government are not ends in themselves, but a means to an end. The point of human organization is the spiritual and material prosperity of the people. The form of government and the economic arrangements are about the welfare of the people, not some theoretical ideal. If defending democracy means defending rule by sociopath, maybe democracy, at least the extreme form, is not a great idea.

Similarly, if free markets result in the people being terrorized by global technology giants, maybe a little less economic freedom, in order to reign in these companies, is a good trade-off. After all, the point of economic order is not to achieve private tyranny in defense of a theory. The point of economic order is to benefit the people, collectively and individually. If it requires government regulation to have prices on goods and services that indicate the real value of the items, that’s not a terrible trade-off....
There was good reason for "trust-busting" in the early 20th Century.

Beyond that, by a large leap, is Z-Man's acknowledgment that the point of human organization is the "SPIRITUAL" prosperity of the people.  In effect, he argues that 'capitalism' pure is NOT the god who replaces the Actual God in a well-ordered society.


Recall that this guy is a Jesuit high-school product.  Things were not always as bad in those places as they are now, eh?

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