Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nass Gets It. Thanks!!

Belling came up with all of Vos'/Fitzgerald's excuses for putting together a budget which offends common sense and bleeds taxpayers.  Kooyenga tried to persuade Vicki McKenna that this piece of garbage was "better."

Well, Belling and Kooyenga are wrong.

Nass is right.

...“I simply can’t deceive the taxpayers by voting for a budget that creates a significant structural deficit, generates the largest property tax hikes in a decade, contains unsustainable levels of excessive spending and authorizes an extremely offensive new vehicle miles-driven tax on motorists starting in 2023,” Nass said in a statement this morning. 

“This is not a conservative budget by any reasonable analysis.  I will vote No.”...
It's clear that "leadership" cannot read the roadmap provided for them by President Trump.  He negotiates by forcing the other party to come to the table.  Vos/Fitzgerald, both long-in-tooth in public "service", prefer to give away half the store hoping that the rabid lefty Governor will meet them there.  Of course, it's YOUR store they're giving away.....

That's why neither of them will ever be President.

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