Saturday, June 22, 2019

"Holding the Line on Prop Tax"? Nope.

The Wisconsin Homeowners' Alliance (a wholly-owned subsidiarity of the Ratfink Realtors) is pushing the line that Fitzgerald/Vos 'held the line' on property taxes.

And they're advertising it like crazy, plus doing 'sign here, sucker!!' mailings so Fitzgerald and his cronies can have your address for MORE mailings.

As to "holding the line,".......well, not really.

...Property taxes on the median-value home in Wisconsin would increase by the same amount under the spending plans put forward by Gov. Tony Evers and the GOP-controlled Legislature....
Gee.  The Realtors engaging in greasy wordplay?  Oh, NOOOOOES!!

In standard English, "holding the line" means ZERO increase.  Not 'some,' not 'little', not 'lots.'  ZERO.  But that's not the English which the Realtors are using.  To them, "holding the line" means whatever they damn well please.

We already have slimy politicians all over Wisconsin, thanks.  Go back home.

(And no, we will NEVER forget how the Ratfink Realtors screwed Hagedorn over his faith convictions.)

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