Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Another Review of "Infiltration"

A few days ago, a fellow named Mirus published a "review" of Taylor Marshall's new book "Infiltration."  We demonstrated at the time that Mirus had no clue about liturgy.  That should call the rest of his screed into question.

Meantime, another review emerged.

...Today, as the fire of revolution burns in the Church, Dr. Taylor Marshall’s bracing, important new book Infiltration offers an illuminating “historical diagnosis” for our present ecclesial malaise. Adroitly weaving together papal documents, Marian apparitions, historical data, and original research into the mysterious center of gravity known as St. Gallen, Switzerland, Marshall convincingly shows that the sparks of Church crisis far predate both Pope Francis and Vatican II....

...Infiltration admirably elucidates the theological errors at play, explaining in detail the heresy of naturalism: “manipulating nature to produce something above nature—just as Satan attempted to transcend his nature in order to be God.”  Describing how Freemasonic naturalism was smuggled into the Church under various disguises, Marshall’s historical survey registers a veritable ideological infiltration....

...Marshall lays out an incisive tripartite analysis of Modernism’s main pillars: the “demythologizing” of Scripture, the embrace of secularism and universal fraternity, and the rejection of Catholic morals, doctrine, and aesthetics....

Plenty more at the link.  Some of the material is 'old news' to some Catholics, but it will be 'NEW news' to many Catholics under the age of 40, who have been immersed in the 'new world order' since their birth.

Christmas comes every year, and it's predictable.  Get one of these books for your kids (and THEIR kids.)  They may as well know about all this sooner rather than too late.

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