Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"Poppycock" Is Too Sophisticated for This

Rorate polluted the intertubes with a quotation from the document guiding the upcoming Amazon Synod.  (Rorate also gave it a new name which fits very well!)

"There is a need for a process of discernment in relation to the rituals, symbols and celebratory styles of indigenous cultures in contact with nature, which must be assumed in the liturgical and sacramental ritual. It is suggested that the liturgical celebrations be festive, with their own songs and dances, in tongues and with original costumes, in communion with nature and with the community.A liturgy that corresponds to their own culture, to be the source and summit of their Christian life (SC, 10), and linked to their struggles, sufferings and joys. The sacraments should be a source of life and medicine accessible to all (EG 47), especially to the poor (EG 200). It is asked to overcome the rigidity of a discipline that excludes and alienates, in favor of a pastoral sensitivity that accompanies and integrates (AL 297) In view of a salutary "decentralization" of the Church (EG, 16), the communities ask Episcopal Conferences to adapt the Eucharistic rituals to their own cultures." (n. 126)
(It should be clear that anyone vaguely resembling "literate" has departed the Eternal City, as did anyone with genuine 'editor' skills.)

The Church has always "baptized" SOME selected pagan rituals and observances for use in the Roman liturgy.  But 'original costumes,' '[vernacular] tongues', and 'dances' were emphatically NOT brought into the Liturgy until the Liturgical Movement in Germany began agitating for what Bugnini the Freemason eventually implemented.

That should tell you something, no?

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cogito said...

"source of life and medicine accessible to all..."
And will the authors of this farce go to a witch doctor for their meds or surgery.?