Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How Big Is the Pubbie Budget?

Let us count the ways....

...All told, Assembly Republicans approved an $81.7 billion two-year budget that would increase state spending in all funds by 5.6 percent over the base. It also includes a $1.9 billion capital budget.

By comparison, Evers had proposed an $83.8 billion budget, which would amount to an 8.3 percent spending increase, and a $2.5 billion capital budget. JFC also proposed about 71,771 state positions, about 219 fewer than Evers wanted....
Not to forget that the Pubbies' "hold the line" property tax WILL increase.

Three Ass'y Republicans voted no.  They should be in leadership instead of the power-mad spend-a-holics currently infesting the Assembly.

5.6% is about twice the cost-of-living increase since last budget.  Note:  there were 69,356 FTE in the 2010 budget.  That's an increase of 2,400 full-time State employees in only 10 years.

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