Monday, June 17, 2019

No Corn? But Still, Forced Ethanol!

The fact that this year's corn crop will be "terrible" at best does not change the greed-level of the farmers who want corn-liquor/ethanol FORCED into gasoline.

Nope.  You may have no corn to eat, but you WILL have to burn it.

...It’s a disaster like I’ve never seen before,” McCune told FOX Business. “My neighbors didn’t get 90 percent of their corn planted.”
After non-stop rain plagued the region this spring – when corn farmers typically get seed in the ground – most have decided time is now too short and are choosing not to plant....

USDA estimates that only 50% of the fields are planted in Ohio.

There WILL be ethanol in your fuel.  No corn-flakes for you, though.

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