Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Do Teh Russians Know What CBS Reveals?

It is more and more apparent that 'the nooz' employs less-than-bright bulbs.  And I'm insulting 40-watters, I know.

CBS News’ 60 Minutes did a report on the AR-15 rifle Sunday night and discovered that the rifle is more powerful than a handgun....

OMG!!  Who COULD have guessed??  Do Teh Russians know this?

...[University of Southern California researcher] Cynthia Bir...explained videoing a “9 millimeter bullet from a handgun…in slow motion.” She talked of shooting ballistic gel with the 9mm, saying, “The handgun bullet traveled about 800 miles an hour…[and] sliced nearly straight all the way through the gel.”...
But that's nothin' compared to the ferocious super-powers of the AR-15!  Nothin!!!

“[It traveled] three times faster and struck with more than twice the force. The shockwave of the AR-15 bullet blasted a large cavity in the gel unlike the bullet from the handgun.”

Our trusty correspondent AWR Hawkins has some observations on the matter.  As a side-note, the .30-06 is a very handy tool to have around the house.


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