Monday, June 24, 2019

Frankly, This Is Maximum Nut-bag Territory

If you think that the 20 (22?  24?  38?) candidates running for the (D) nomination are nuts--advocating national healthcare, free college, forgiveness of all student loans, reparations for blacks AND "gay" couples, confiscation of all guns, etc., etc., etc., you ain't seen nothin' yet. 

And if you thought that AOC's proposals to eradicate cows, airplanes, and all fossil fuels represents  the limit of CooCoo for Cocoa-Puffs, you are not paying attention.

The Vatican's synod-programmers have come up with something even MORE wack-doodle.

....In the document, published by the Holy See on June 17, the Amazon "bursts" into the life of the Church like a "new entity" (n.2). But what is the Amazon? It is not only a physical place and a "complex biosphere" (n.10) but also "a reality full of life and wisdom" (n.5), which ascends to a conceptual paradigm and calls us to a "pastoral, ecological and synodal" conversion (n.5). In order to carry out its prophetic role, the Church must heed "the Amazon peoples" (n.7). These people are able to live in "intercommunication" with the entire cosmos (n.12), but their rights are threatened by the economic interests of the multinationals, which, as the natives of Guaviare (Colombia) say "have slashed the veins of our Mother Earth" (n.17).

The Church listens to the "cry, of both the people and the earth (n.18), because in the Amazon "the land is a theological place by which the faith is lived. It is also a unique source of God’s revelation" (n.19). So then, a third source of Revelation has been added to Holy Scripture and Tradition: the Amazon, the land where "everything is connected" (n.20), everything is "constitutively related, forming a vital whole" (n.21). In the Amazon, the ideal of Communism is fulfilled, given that, in tribal collectivism, "everything is shared and private spaces – typical of modernity – are minimal."

The native peoples have been liberated from monotheism and have restored animism and polytheism. Indeed, as is written in no. 25: "the life of the Amazonian community has not yet been influenced by Western civilization. This is reflected in the beliefs and rites regarding the action of spirits and the divinity – named in many different ways – with and in the territory, with and in relation to nature. This cosmo-vision is picked up in Francis’s ‘mantra’: "everything is connected" (LS 16, 91, 117, 138, 240)»....
So.  The Christian West should look to animist/polytheist infanticide-practitioner tribes as 'models for development'--not only social development, mind you, but theological and liturgical development, too.

Those rumors about cocaine- and marijuana- and poppers- parties?  Hmmmmmm.  Looks more like LSD to me.

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