Saturday, June 01, 2019

Yes, Pope-Humor Helps

We Catholics are in difficult times.  I work with a very nice Missouri Lut'ran lady who is now giving me the "You poor thaaaang!!" look every time Pp. Francis opens his inscrutable and/or confused mouth.

So yah, a sense of humor helps, along with massive doses of beer.  Or Scotch.

Here, a damned good humorist writes a note to Pp. Francis.  Excerpt:

...Luckily you have friends who know that popes cannot lie (when Peter denied knowing Jesus, it wasn't a lie, it was simply because he had forgotten who He was, it could happen to anyone). 

First, there's little Austen Ivory, telling the world that He didn’t know about McCarrick's past, or the sanctions (how could he know?) while at the same time throwing in a few character assassinations, in line with your new Motu proprio, AD HOMINEM. Other mates will rush to your defence, such as Robert Muckins, who still hasn't recovered from the news that your predecessor, whom he called "The rat" refuses to die. He manages to be even less coherent than Austen, no mean feat! 

Unfortunately Fr Martin James LGBTSJ is not available to join in the fun, as he is in hospital having an operation. We have no idea what it is, but when she comes out, she will no doubt support you too....
(The names were altered to protect the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllldren.)

There!  You should feel better.  But just in case, I have a few cases of beer available.....

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