Sunday, June 23, 2019

Priest-Abuse From the 'Other Side'

A priest given the responsibility at CDF/Rome to examine cases of abuse reports.

...Speaking to the assembly of Catholic media folks, Monsignor Kennedy described the personal toll the office’s work takes upon its members as review an rising tide of cases that are being reported. The Monsignor said:

I can honestly tell you that, when reading cases involving sexual
abuse by clerics, you never get used to it, and you can feel your
heart and soul hurting. There are times when I am poring over
cases that I want to get up and scream, that I want to pack up my
things and leave the office and not come back.

(Found by Motley Monk)

The Msgr. also mentions the anguish of (some) Bishops who inherited a large bunch of serious problems.

A friend mentioned that a priest of his acquaintance who was knowledgeable about these matters and who had left his Order over these problems was a 'very bitter man' in his latter years.  Yah, well, being closely acquainted with the crap that goes on in parishes, rectories, and Dioceses (even if not sex-abuse related) can get you into 'bitter' real fast.

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