Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Even the Lutherans Know....

At the workplace, I converse now and then with a delightful lady who is married to a local Missouri Synod Lut'ran pastor.  We banter about a few things, including religion.

So the other day I asked if her Synod would accept the gift of a slightly-used Pope; she declined, reminding me that they had separated from such men about 500 years ago. 

I persisted, telling her that THIS Pope would be acceptable; after all, just this Sunday, he preached this:

"In the presence of the Eucharist, Jesus who becomes bread, this simple bread that contains the entire reality of the Church, let us learn to bless all that we have, to praise God, to bless and not curse all that has led us to this moment, and to speak words of encouragement to others."  Pope Francis

She looked at me for a moment, then said "That's not what Catholics believe!"

We did agree that the Unitarians might take +Francis, however.

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Billiam said...

Send him to Rick Warren. He seems enamored of Frankie.