Monday, June 24, 2019

Governor of Oregon: Fascist or Dictator?

Gee.  When the Democrats ran away to Rockford in order to frustrate Walker's Act 10 agenda, Walker didn't send an army weapons-free to drag them back.

But the Democrat 'female' in the Oregon Governor's office........well, that's different.

...GOP lawmakers have walked out of the legislature, denying progressives a quorum to cram whatever they want down Oregon’s throat.

That led to Gov. Kate Brown to order the state police to round them up. Now, I haven’t been able to find a law that requires them to be present for a vote if they don’t wish to be. In other words, Brown is using the police in an act of violence against Republican legislators who are trying to prevent what they see as detrimental legislation from being passed....
That is Fascism, if you accept the definition given by the Lefties. 

If you don't, its "Dictatorship."

Take your choice.

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