Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shot Across the Administrative State's Bow!!

Not just a 'shot,' but a nuclear-tipped rocket.

While SCOTUS effectively continued the operations of the Administrative (Deep) State, they also served fair warning that the Administrative State is not Constitutional.

...Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote a lengthy dissent extolling the need to curb Congress’s powers to delegate to federal agencies. Surprisingly, two other justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas, joined this radical opinion. And while a fourth — Justice Alito — sided with the more liberal justices, he wrote separately to say that “if a majority of this Court were willing to reconsider the approach we have taken for the past 84 years, I would support that effort.”...NYT quoted at RedState
Another way to phrase the question here:  "Should Congress be held responsible for laws which allow abuse or annulment of the rights of citizens, or should Congress be able to lay blame on 'bureaucrats,' as they do today?"

After 84 years of pointing at the Man Behind the Tree, it's about damn time.

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