Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Teh Russians!! Teh Russians!!!

Lots of politicians, a few of whom are reasonably honest, are warning us that Teh Russians!!! will be "interfering" with the 2020 elections.

Some of those politicians even allow that there will be more than just Teh Russians!!! doing the dirties.  Maybe Iranians, or ChiComs, or Brits, or..........whatever.

So what?

Teh Russians!!! will not be any more aggressive, damaging, or dirty than Teh Democrats!!! or Teh Republicans!!! will be, and the latter two have FAR bigger budgets.

As usual, the best candidate(s) will win.  Accepting the screeching claims of politicians about Teh Russians!!!! only lends credibility to Hillary's bleating and by the way, is just another way of insulting the hell out of voters--which is customary for the Political Class, as Codevilla continues to remind us.

Got a problem finding a winning platform?  Blame Teh Russians!!!!.

Yah.  That's the ticket!

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