Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Republican Senators Take Violin Lessons

Here's the Club of Geniuses at work:

Senate Republicans said they are hoping President Trump does not follow through with a threat to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican imports if the country does not curb the massive flow of migrants that end up on the U.S.-Mexico border....

800,000 people are going to invade the US this year.  Some of them are terrorists.  Some of them are sex traffickers.  Some of them are drug mules.  Most of them will be pressed into criminal activity by their coyote escorts.  Virtually none of them have grade-school education.

And a whole LOT of them are carrying opportunistic diseases.

This is what the Republican Senators want?

Or maybe THEIR plan is to send a few infantry divisions to the border with "shoot on sight" orders?

When MS-13 burns down the District of Columbia and certain residential areas in Virginia and Maryland, will Republican Senators be playing violins?

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