Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why Buy the Old Jalopy? Government!

Bet you didn't know this unless you're a car freak.

According to Leyre Olavarria, who heads up connected car technologies for the Volkswagen Group's Seat brand, all the technology needed for governments to electronically enforce speed limits on new cars already exists.
"From a technical perspective, it is possible. We can do it," Olavarria said in an interview with Autocar.

In fact, speed-limiting software already exists. Way back in 2008, Ford announced MyKey technology that allows speed restrictions based on the key used to start a vehicle. The system is aimed at parents who want to make sure their teen drivers aren't letting out their inner Andretti. And the Blue Oval's Intelligent Speed Limiter tech goes a step further by constantly monitoring speed limit signs and, if engaged, automatically restricting a vehicle to that government-mandated velocity....

GM also has "kiddie controls" on several of its offerings.  OnStar can be activated at any time and listen to everything said in the passenger compartment.  Of course, that can only happen with your permission (or a Government "request").  Think Comey, or Brennan....

Generally speaking, if you're driving a car built before 2010, Big Brother will not be watching you using your own car's electronics.

Choose carefully.


c matt said...

Of course it already exists - it has for quite a while. But state governments don't want it - how else will they generate revenue if speeding tickets decline?

Dad29 said...

The Gummints want it for other purposes. Should it happen, it will be due to the insurance industry payoffs to leggies.