Saturday, June 29, 2019

$23.00/Day Summerfest? You're CRAZY

While there HAS been inflation since Summerfest '72, and there are now working toilets and the grounds are paved.........$23.00 is quite a jump from the 1972 price of $3.00 ALL-INCLUSIVE admission.

Yup.  You could see Aretha Franklin, George Carlin (briefly--before he went to jail), for THREE DOLLARS.  In 1970, there was Jose Feliciano, Chicago, James Brown, and Doc Severinsen (among others) for THREE DOLLARS.  Here's a brief history from Channel 4.

$23.00?  Really?


Dave P. said...

$3.00 in 1972 would be $18.38 today. $23.00 in 2019 would have been $3.75 in 1972. From

Dad29 said...

Not if you include a concert by Chicago, friend. Or James Brown. Or Sly Stone.....