Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Democrat Debate, Defined

Here's a definition of the Democrat debate for your consideration: many in positions of power and responsibility had come to think and say idiotic and often dangerous things with great seriousness....
Yes, well.....

Except that's NOT about the Democrat debate.

That's what Eugene Lyons said about 30-something Americans who were talking about Communism--Stalinism, at the time.

In the 1930's.

More.  Here speaking of Hollywood, Lyons also aptly describes a lot of Ranking Clergy IYKWIMAITYD.

...They had not the remotest idea what communism was in terms of economic structures or political superstates. For nearly all of them it was an intoxicated state of mind, a glow of inner virtue, and a sort of comradeship of super-charity.”...

It is said that 'history rhymes.'  It is fortunate for America that Joe McCarthy and the HUAC rose up to block the rise of Communism in the USA.

Apparently that was temporary.

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