Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What "Hold the Line" on Prop-Tax?

Some outfit (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Realtors) has bought a bunch of air-time on radio to advertise a falsehood:  that the Republican-proposed budget "holds the line" on property tax.

Oh, really??  Here's a quote from Vos:

[Vos] also said the final version of the GOP budget would ensure the property taxes on a mythical median-valued home would be lower under the Republican plan than Evers’. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau last week found the two proposals would have the same impact on property taxes....

Reading the last sentence, we learn that the current Pubbie budget would hit prop-tax the same as Evers would (Pay more, sucka!!)  So the Realtors' advertising is false, unless "hold the line" means "increase".

THEN, reading the red-highlighted section, we learn that "hold the line" means.....well,......kinda sorta......."less" increase than Tokin'Tony's increase.

The Realtors have already proven that they are not Conservative in the least.  That's OK, I suppose.  But do they now want to prove that they are liars?


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