Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What the MSM Won't Say About G-20 Meetup

As usual, what you read/hear/see in the MSM coverage of the upcoming G-20 is shallow, or juvenile, or horribly uninformed.

Try this for a change. 

...The G20 is rapidly approaching… Beijing needs to identify POTUS Trump’s position.  Things in Beijing are urgent as preparations (mostly optics) for how Chairman Xi will engage with President Trump are needed.

So into this dynamic of China evaluating where they can expect to find their position, we’ve got two signals from a series of public messages: (1) magnanimous panda will give up DPRK nukes, in exchange for better terms; and when that didn’t get the desired result, (2) China signals they are willing to revisit the prior terms.

However, today Team Donald Trump responds to the messages:  NO DEAL !....
That's not what the NeverTrumpers, the Free Traders (Koch Bros/Chamber of Commerce) and the Libertarian moron tribes want to see or hear, of course.  We don't bother with 'what the Democrats want' because they actually don't KNOW what they want, unless it makes Orange Man Look Badder.


...Trump is mirroring the historic approach deployed by China.  Beijing is facing a new dynamic where the U.S. President will not accept any retreat from his current position. This zero-sum outlook is exactly the same approach all Chinese negotiators use…. only this time it’s Trump using their strategy against them.  It’s President Trump who will not retreat from gained position.  This has to be seriously perplexing for Beijing....

...In essence, Donald Trump is mirroring the ideology and negotiating position of the person on the other side of the table….. only now, based on two-years of groundwork in preparation for his position, President Trump is carrying all the strength and leverage. 

China is on its heels.  Trump has set up a dynamic where a pre-planned group of regional allies can easily compensate for any manufacturing deficit caused by Trump’s adversarial position toward China.   The corporate exodus visible within this plan has already begun....
By this time, even morons such as Free Traders should understand that US citizens will not stand for any further deterioration of the US' economy or its future prospects.  They may resist, of course--at their own personal peril.

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