Monday, June 24, 2019

No Good Jobs = No Babies!

Whaddya know.  People understand "good job" very well, indeed.

A sociology researcher at UW-Madison has found a connection between reduced fertility rates and a decline in manufacturing jobs on the national level. 

“Metro areas that experienced steeper declines in goods-producing businesses were more likely to experience steeper declines in fertility rates,” said Nathan Seltzer, whose work was published last week in the journal Demography. 

His research involved analyzing every birth in the United States at the county level over a period of 24 years. He found fertility rates for metro areas could be better predicted by the area’s share of businesses in manufacturing industries than by its unemployment rate. 

The link between manufacturing jobs and fertility rates was especially strong for Hispanic women, who are more likely to work in goods-producing industries than women of other ethnic groups, according to the study. Still, manufacturing business activity was more closely tied to fertility than the unemployment rate for all ethnic groups....
Sure!  Let's follow the Koch brothers/Chamber of Commerce economic model.  Then there will be nobody left in the US to buy products that they didn't make, anyway.

Even Bernie Sanders makes more sense.  (Low bar, I know.)

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