Sunday, February 04, 2018

Next Bomb Will Drop on Sid Blumenthal and.....

Sidney Blumenthal is an excellent example of excrement wearing a human costume.

Apparently Little Sidney teamed up with a like-minded (and like-smelling) reporter and far-Left activist named Cody Shearer, and produced a SECOND "dossier."

As you may recall, Little Sidney was very, very, tight with The Pantsuit-Wearing Health Crisis (who will NEVER be President), so naturally, he had lots of dealings with the State Department.

Both Grassley and Nunes are onto that like....ahhh.....fleas on dogs.  That's why Kerry and Pelosi are so worried that they are becoming incoherent, yapping about "....sources and methods...." and "....attack on the Constitution, separation of powers...."

It's the End of the World as THEY Know it, which is just fine with normal American patriots.

Order more popcorn, even if it has to come from Robin Vos!

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