Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trump Goes Lefty in Budget, Has Stupid Excuse

We all knew it would happen somewhere along the line, and the time is now.  Trump is reverting to (fiscal) form.  Remember, he's a real estate developer.

President Donald Trump is proposing a 10-year spending plan that never produces a balanced budget, and increases deficit spending by $7.2 trillion over the next decade....

The excuse for this is the one heard from any 7-year-old, and Limbaugh was given the job of looking like the 7-year-old in question; it was Limbaugh who floated the excuse yesterday. 

PDT's reasoning?  "Well, the debt cataclysm has not happened yet, and look how many years we've been adding debt, and it's just old fuddyduddies who think you should pay your debts, anyway."

This is the Fallacy of the Bigger Sucker.  Trump expects that there will always be a bigger sucker out there who will purchase US Treasury bonds--and that the bigger sucker(s) will have big money to make the purchases with.

Yup.  Except if the Big Money guy is an enemy of the US.  Not all wars involve soldiers and sailors.

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