Wednesday, February 07, 2018

It's the FBI Which Will "ConCrisis" the USA

It is becoming more and more clear that it is the FBI (and, unspoken, the CIA and NSA) which will precipitate a "constitutional crisis" in the USA. we have the intelligence agencies and FBI warning Congress that they may no longer play the game of partial, slow-walked compliance with Congressional subpeonas, but may just cut out the middleman and announce that they are now Sovereign Government Agencies unaccountable to the public and independent of any oversight or direction from the elected branches of government....

It is only co-incidence that top FEEBS are vitriolically opposed to Non-Establishment leaders like Trump.

Put that another way:  the FEEBS (et. al.) are very happy to support Leftish-Establishment types.  I'll remind you that both Bill AND Hillary were criminal actors throughout their public "service" lives.  Radio silence from the FEEBS, CIA, and NSA.....

Either the FBI reports to the Presidentially-appointed A.G. or it does not.  If the FEEBS decide "not"--and also decide that Congressional oversight is more than they can bear, then we DO have a "Constitutional Crisis."

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