Friday, February 23, 2018

Teachers' Union Still Crazy After All These Years

When it comes to irrational posers, the Milwaukee Teachers' Union is second only to Nancy Pelosi.  Here's a portion of their statement regarding the possibility of arming school faculty and staff as a defense measure:

....It is completely irrational and irresponsible for anyone to suggest that teachers should be carrying firearms in the classroom to confront potential school shooters. Enough is enough. Lawmakers are failing us. We can’t wait any longer for them to listen to the voices of students and educators. We need common-sense gun laws right now!....

(The exclamation point underlines the gravity of their demands, you see.  It's the same rhetorical technique that any 5th-grader would use.  What?  You expected adult?)

Go ahead.  Follow the link.  See if you can find MTEA's argument for using the terms 'irrational' and 'irresponsible.' 

You can't because there is no such argument.

But there IS an exclamation point, so it's all good.

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