Friday, February 23, 2018

Why the US Has Few S.T.E.M. Grads

If you want to know why US-native millennials don't have lots of S.T.E.M. degrees, look at the O.P.T. program.

...The OPT program gives work visas to more than 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. universities and college each year.

The program harms the 800,000 Americans students who graduate each year with skilled degrees in healthcare, business, accounting, math, science, computers and engineering, by forcing them to compete for jobs against government-subsidized foreigners.

The OPT program also generates a multi-billion dollar bonanza for universities and companies. The universities use the work-permit program to win fee-paying students from abroad, and the companies use the program to get cheap workers and also to pocket the Social Security and Medicare taxes they would otherwise have to pay American hires.

President Donald Trump promised a “Buy American, Hire Americans” policy on Inauguration Day, but lawyers at the departments of justice and homeland are trying to protect the agency-created program....

US-born kids would have to be morons to take on STEM college debt and then have to fight for bottom-of-the-barrel wages/salaries.

OPT is one part, of course.  The other part is the H1-B scam written for the benefit of Intel/Google/Microsoft/Apple.

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