Monday, February 12, 2018

Cardinal Soros?

Interesting little side-chat here about the Vatican's pipeline-person to Soros in an essay decrying the Vatican's sudden enchantment with the ChiComs.

...One person not surprised is George Neumayr, former editor of Catholic World Report, who tells me: “I wrote about the pope’s capitulation to the Chinese communists in my book, The Political Pope. The most recent developments were telegraphed by the pope years ago.” As to Sorondo, Neumayr adds: “I also wrote about the bishop…. He has been a Vatican gateway for the Soros crowd and very much reflects the pope’s thinking. He is the one who set up the Bernie Sanders invite to the Vatican and made a point of telling everyone that Sanders was the only presidential candidate invited…. His academy is overflowing with socialists and communists....

That Soros guy gets around, eh?

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