Thursday, February 08, 2018

Lyin' Ryan, the Gutless Wonder

Well, earlier I asked if Ryan would have the guts to tell McYertle to shove that "budget" up his ass.

Answer is:  No, Ryan does not have the guts.  Nor--apparently--does he give a flying damn about the fiscal health of the US, so long as his retirement pension and bennies survive.

...Paul Ryan ..... anticipates no problem passing the budget deal that the Senate will hand off to them today. All he needs is enough Democrats to overcome the opposition of the House Freedom Caucus, which opposes the massive spending increases in the bill....

Wonder if this gets the girly-girls to swoon, eh?

P.S.:  This budget funds Planned Parenthood again, just as all Ryan's CR's.  Think Lyin'Ryan will make another speech about NOT funding BabyKiller, Inc.?

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