Friday, February 23, 2018

CPAC? Meh. More Like "LPAC"

This is not very surprising, if you've paid attention to the CPAC story over the last several years.

...“Similar to the direction of the GOP establishment, in recent years CPAC has become more libertarian-oriented and pro-LGBT – and hardly any pro-family groups have had exhibits or been sponsors. This seems to mesh with the attendees: approximately half are 18-24, and clearly products of modern culture,” he said.

Camenker is right.  The trading of conservative values for values-free libertarianism should come as a surprise to no one.  CPAC set itself on this trajectory years ago....

It's not just the Ron Paul frenzies, either.

...CPAC president Matt Schlapp spoke about “the kids” whose presence dominates the annual event.  “At CPAC, 50% of the crowd is college-aged or younger.  We’re attracting new people and new voices to the movement.”  

But at what cost?  Who is actually teaching, forming, and directing whom?  

Focusing on real marriage and family structures — the bedrock of social conservative values — is far less prominent in the CPAC agenda than it once was, while LGBT ideology has established a firm foothold.  CPAC has been co-opted.  It has undergone a quiet hostile takeover....

We're pretty much "live and let live" here---but the red line is found where we're told that we MUST support, with enthusiasm, that which is contrary to morals.  It's what Giampietro talked about (below).  There are a lot of "conservatives" who don't talk about morals and natural law, and when you encounter those, you usually don't have to look too far for the reasons.  In 90++% of the cases, it's either moral problems, or 'money talks.' 

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